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Comprehensive Service

AMG and M Series
Convertible Tops
  • Diagnostics
  • Calibration
  • Hydraulic Pump Repair
  • Vario Top Adjustment
  • Canvas Replacement
All Wheel Drive and SUV

Heritage Restorations

Engine, Fuel System, Wire Harness

Brake Calipers, Suspension

Differential and Axle.

Scheduled Maintenance

BMW Condition Based Service

Mercedes Service A and B

Porsche Maintenance

Service Light Resets

Mobile Service

Diagnostics at your location.

Our Mobile Service has a

low impact on your day.

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"A lasting love affair"

It may be hard to imagine, but we love what we do. It's a passion that's set to last.                     

Our name stands for a level of individualized craftsmanship,

which we apply to each customers needs.

Responsible and Professional

Guaranteed Results

With Durso Motorcar Company you are not limited by obsolete diagnostic processes, or slowed by trial and error repairs.

Durso Motorcar Company is for those who understand the value of solutions and what conscientious customer care is about.

Performance Evaluations

BMW M, Mercedes Benz AMG and Porsche. Comprehensive performance evaluations.

Our Partners

We have full manufacturer support for diagnostic information, maintenance intervals, and repair procedures.

Shop to Shop Service

Providing module coding, electrical connector and wire harness repair.

Engine crash damage repairs.

Pre Purchase Inspection

We provide pre purchase inspections and lease turn back maintenance options.

Parts Selection

We use the manufactures VIN specific parts ordering system. Guaranteeing the correct part being ordered the first time.

Scheduled Maintenance

BMW  Mercedes Benz and Porsche  Scheduled Maintenance Plans.

Fuel System Service
  • Diagnostics and Calibrations
  • Ultrasonic Part Cleaning
  • Refurbishment of Fuel Distributors
  • Refurbishment of Warm Up Regulators
  • Service available at your location

BMW  Mercedes Benz and Porsche Service

  • 4 Matic and X Drive Service
  • Air Suspension Calibration
  • Axle Rebuilding
  • Wheel Bearing Installation
  • Diagnostics
  • Electrical Fault Finding 
  • Energy Diagnostics
  • Throttle Valve Calibration
  • Carbon Cleaning
  • Tuning and Coding
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  • PIWIS 1 and PIWIS 2 Factory PORSCHE Diagnostics
  • Autologic  BMW and MERCEDES BENZ Diagnostics

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24 month unlimited mileage parts and labor warranty

We understand how to keep your automobile at its very best.

Choosing to have your automobile serviced at durso motorcar means choosing the expertise of durso motorcar using the latest repair techniques and using parts specifically designed for your automobile.

 and your concerns taken care of too.