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Mercedes Benz  
  • Diagnostics
  • Race Grade Caliper Rebuild
  • Wheel Alignment
  • IMS Bearing Service
  • Module Repairs


Mechanical Restorations 

Engines, Brake Calipers

 Wiring Harness

Scheduled Maintenance

BMW Condition Based Service

Mercedes Service A and B

Porsche Maintenance

Mobile Service

Diagnostics at your location.

Our Mobile Service has a

low impact on your day.

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"A lasting love affair"

It may be hard to imagine, but we love what we do. It's a passion that's set to last.     

Our name stands for a level of individualized craftsmanship,

which we apply to each clients needs.


Responsible and Professional

Uncompromising Standards

With durso motorcar you are not limited by obsolete

diagnostic processes, or slowed by trial and error repairs.

Service for clients who understand the value of solutions

and what conscientious customer care is about.

Proven Performance

Comprehensive performance tuning.

Brake caliper rebuild and chassis set up.

Track Day set up and crash repairs.

Innovative Technology

Latest manufacturer updates for diagnostic information, technical bulletins and repair procedures. Recall information available.      

Steering and Suspension

Damage free strut and spring installations. Precise wheel alignment calibrations.

Insurance Estimates and Claims handling

for steering and suspension damage.

NEW! MVAC Service

Climate Control diagnostics.

Air Conditioning service.

Control Unit testing and rebuilding.     

Parts Selection

We utilize the manufactures VIN specific parts ordering system. Guaranteeing the correct part for your application.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance and Factory Service Intervals followed. Service Records

digitally filed for you.

BMW  Mercedes Benz  Porsche
Fuel System Service
  • Diagnostics and Calibrations
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Refurbishment of CIS Fuel Distributors
  • Refurbishment of CIS Warm Up Regulators
  • SU Weber and Zenith Carburetor Service

 BMW  Mercedes Benz and Porsche Service Partner

  • VANOS Diagnostics
  • Energy Diagnostics
  • CV and Axle Repair
  • Wheel Bearing Installation
  • Condition Based Service
  • Service A and B
  • Diesel Service
  • MVAC Service
  • Carbon Cleaning
  • Diagnostics and Coding
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BMW  Mercedes Benz  Porsche service

Ensuring you receive the Best Service

We understand how to keep your automobile at its very best.

Choosing to have your automobile serviced by durso motorcar means choosing the expertise of durso motorcar, using the latest repair techniques and using parts specifically designed for your automobile.


 and how your concerns are taken care of too.

BMW M Series

Complete performance engine rebuilds.

Guaranteed power and performance.

Expert assembly and tuning.

Our Guarantee to you

Increased Peace of Mind

Covers a complete 24 Months with

Unlimited Mileage for Parts and Labor.

We are here to help you.

Complementary Service Consultation

Mobile diagnostics at your location

Worry Free Part and Labor Guarantee

Building a relationship you can trust.

Advanced Alignment Technology

Don't wait in line.

Taking care of our clients by ensuring the very best service


Our clients safety and satisfaction are our number one priority.

Join our clients who experience the advantages of their exclusive service benefits.


   Porsche Service

  • Diagnostics
  • 40,000 Mile Service
  • IMS Bearing Installation
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Brake Caliper Rebuild